Add Your Piece of History… 14th May

14 May
  • On this day in 1943.  The hospital ship “Centaur” was sunk by a Japanese submarine off the south Queensland (QLD), Australia coast.  Only 64 of the 333 on board survived.  A search led by David Mearns, discovered Centaur’s wreak on the 20th of December 2009.  Centaur was located about 30 nautical miles off the southern tip of Moreton Island, off QLD’s south east coast.  The ship had been appropriately lit and marked to indicate that it was a hospital ship and its sinking was regarded as an atrocity.
  • On this day in 1855.  Australia’s first branch of the Royal Mint (London) commences operations in Sydney.  Australia relied on currency sent from England for the first decades as a British colony.
  • On this day in 1969.  Cate Blanchett celebrates her birthday today.  Catherine ‘Cate’ Blanchett is an Australian actress.  She starred in films such as Elizabeth, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Please feel free to add your piece of history (something personal or just general history).

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Royal Mint Victoria

Cate Blanchett portrays Galadriel in The Lord ...

Cate Blanchett portrays Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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