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Add Your Piece of History… 24th June

24 Jun
  • On this day in 2010.  Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female Prime Minister, is sworn in.  Kevin Rudd was sworn in as the 26th Prime Minister of Australia in December 2007.  Before Rudd could finish his first term as Prime Minister, there was a push to replace him.  On the evening of 23 June 2010, then Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, called for a leadership ballot.  When it became clear that Ms Gillard had the support of the Caucus, Kevin Rudd was forced to stand aside as leader of the Australian Labor Party.



  • On this day in 1967.  The Beatles recorded “All You Need Is Love”  


Please feel free to add your piece of history (something personal or general history).



The Bannockburn Monument near Bannockburn in S...

The Bannockburn Monument near Bannockburn in Scotland. The monument commemorates the Battle of Bannockburn of 1314. The monument, which consists of two hemicircular concrete walls surrounding a flagpost, symbolises the camps of the two antagonists on the night before the battle. A mounted statue of Scottish king Robert the Bruce stands nearby. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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